You can't afford a house, so here's 10% as a pity present

We are the Frank Family:

two millennials doing our best to raise three Gen Alpha humans.

We're obsessed with comfort & humor

Branching out from our insane backgrounds of retail work, military life, politics, legal backgrounds, government contracting, and coaching, we found that two things always remained consistent for us as a family.

We have an obsession with comfort and an above-normal appreciation for humor.

We (Alexis and Aaron) started dating when we were both in the military and bonded over some shared experiences that we had at the time.

Millennials have more unique shared experiences

Millennials are also a generation that have more unique shared experiences than we can count: ranging from Saturday morning cartoons all the way to multiple economic crises.

It was that appreciation for shared experiences, comfort, and conversation starters that drove us to release our humor onto other unsuspecting humans!

feel safe & welcome

It's also important to us that we remain as inclusive as possible when it comes to the fit and style of our clothing.

We (Aaron and Alexis) both have close ties to the LGBTQ community and will forever remain outspoken allies. So you will find that most of our clothing has a "unisex" or gender non-conforming fit. We want everyone to feel safe and welcome within our brand.

What we stand for

  • Inclusive

  • Responsibly Sourced

  • Nostalgic and Comfy

We are thrilled to tears that you discovered us in this vast sea known as the interwebs and we are excited to grow our brand and community using all of our shared experiences as a humorous crutch.