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Turn the Light Off Tee

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Another favorite created with childhood memories at the forefront of our minds.

Picture it. You're 7. You're on a night drive and you dropped one of your trading cards on the floor in the backseat of the car. You turn the light on and also activate your parent's mighty roar telling you to turn the light off! You jumped a bit, didn't you?

What's the Stitch

This shirt, the 1801GD, was manufactured, from start to finish, in the USA by Los Angeles Apparel. The cotton is grown and spun in South Carolina and then weaved with state of art knitting techniques, in Los Angeles, CA. Every shirt sewn is reviewed for quality and integrity by a couturier with at least 20 years of experience (fancy right)?

All workers are paid a living wage and the most stringent of environmental policies are in place for the entire manufacturing process.

It features a high crewneck (not turtleneck), garment dye for that 90's appeal, and is made from 100% shrink-free, 18" yarn cotton because belly shirts should always be optional.

PS: 18" yarn just means that quality is amazing as heck).

Care for your Wear
  • If you bought a piece with some rad screen printing on it, turn the garment inside out, wash it in cold water and on a gentle cycle. Don't abuse the durability of the print and garment the first week you've had it.
  • Try to use eco-friendly detergents because they are better for Mother Earth and will still get the sweat stink of the armpit areas and the great down under.