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Size Guide - Tee/Short Set

Length (Tee) Bust Waist Hip Length (Shorts)
Small 24.80" 35.43" 22.83" 33.07" 18.90"
Medium 25.20" 37.01" 23.62" 34.65" 19.29"
Large 25.59" 35.58" 24.41" 36.22" 19.69"
XL 25.98" 40.16" 25.20" 37.80" 20.08" 


For those that identify as male, this tee will fit with some wiggle room using your regular size. Choose 1 size up if going for a more oversized feel.

For those that identify as female, this tee will have a slight oversized feel using your regular size.

For those that are gender non-conforming, please use the measurement guide and your fit preferences to choose your appropriate size.